Find out the importance of IT services for small businesses in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, why you need IT services, and what services/qualities to look for.There’s a lot that goes into starting a small business, and technology plays a major role. Small business owners and their staff can easily be overwhelmed when maintaining and protecting their business technologies on top of other responsibilities.

This is where Philadelphia IT services can make a huge difference.

An IT services company provides services that allow businesses like yours to focus on more important things, like growth. We’re talking cybersecurity, backups, phone services - everything your business needs to function at full throttle all day, every day.

Philadelphia is a highly competitive city for small businesses. To succeed, businesses need access to advanced technologies and services that really give them that extra leg up on the competition. A local Philadelphia IT services provider can offer that, as well as protect clients from local threats and attacks that would otherwise set them back.

Have you been thinking about your business’s IT needs? Perhaps it’s time to outsource and access services you’ve been doing without.

Here’s what small businesses in Philadelphia need to know about finding and using third-party IT services.

What Are IT Services?

When you pay for IT services, you’re paying for the application of expertise to your business’s technology infrastructure. There are many different kinds of IT services out there, but they all contribute to an improved creation, management, and optimization of your current tech setup.

Philadelphia IT services can be offered in-house, but if you’re like most small to mid-sized businesses in Philadelphia, you don’t have the necessary expertise to handle all of your IT requirements.

Outsourcing your IT services can provide you access to a wide range of tools, guidance, software, and protocols that you might not otherwise have. Let’s dive a bit deeper into just how professional IT services can change things for your company.

Why Do Small Businesses Need IT Services?

1) Better IT Security

An estimated 54 percent of small business owners in the United States think their business is too small to be the target of a cyberattack.

As much as we wish this was true, it simply isn’t the case. Cyber threats aren’t just an issue for government agencies and big corporations; small businesses are at the same risk.

Small businesses in Philadelphia will find it especially difficult to recover from a cyberattack or data breach. The average attack is incredibly expensive. It costs small businesses in the United States an average of $9,000 to fully recover from a cyberattack.

Although you might be hesitant to pay for outsourced IT services, one of the best things your business can do is pay for cybersecurity. You’ll save your team a great deal of money, time, and stress by obtaining a variety of security services upfront, including defense checkups, penetration tests, and updates.

2) Access to Advanced Tools and Technologies

It can be challenging for small businesses to keep up with the latest technology, tools, and processes. However, outdated technology makes it difficult for small businesses to maintain efficient operations and keep up with their bigger competitors.

When you pay for IT services from a reputable provider, you can close that gap.

A well-rounded IT company will offer cost-effective tools and technologies to support specific industry needs, alongside their services. These advanced tools are often more affordable through the IT company’s agreed-upon monthly service fees and discounts.

Small businesses should find an IT provider that will take the time to fully understand their weaknesses before offering relevant IT solutions. By doing this, they will be able to recommend tools that will improve business operations and goals, rather than unnecessary ones.

3) Improved Business Focus

Some small businesses will assign a few tech-savvy employees to manage their IT issues alongside their regular job responsibilities. While this might be an okay approach to minor technical issues, such as a jammed printer, a major IT disruption can easily overwhelm unprepared employees.

Small businesses can remove the stress and responsibility of IT issue from their internal employees with outsourced IT services that cover all of their needs. This enables your employees to think more about what they need to do for their business long-term, rather than forcing them to worry about and deal with day-to-day IT concerns.

Valuable Services to Look for From IT Companies

Now that you know how a small business can benefit from outsourcing IT services, let’s examine the top offerings they should look for.

1. Managed IT Services

Let’s start by talking about the top, most comprehensive offering an IT company can have: managed IT services. When you sign up for this kind of package, you receive full-fledged IT care at a set price, usually paid on a monthly basis.

Managed IT services can include everything from network management to 24/7 support. Essentially, if you pay for outsourced managed services, you’re offloading your IT entirely to a team that will support your company in the background. This leads to better productivity, consistent help, predictable expenses, and of course, an improved IT setup at all times.

To learn more about what all goes into a managed services plan, don’t hesitate to ask our IT team.

2. Cloud Computing

Another service a good IT provider should offer is Cloud computing. This service ensures that all of your vital systems and data are protected in the event of a natural disaster, cybersecurity breach, theft, or any other kind of unexpected situation.

Nowadays, you can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your data, and Cloud storage is the way to go. If you’re not sure where to begin or how to migrate your valuable information to the Cloud, consider outsourcing the service to a team of professionals.

3. Cybersecurity

Arguably the most important service to outsource is your business’s digital security. Cyber threats are always evolving and improving, which means that your company is always exposed to new dangers on the web.

We highly recommend paying for cybersecurity services that will protect your data, employees, software, and revenue. There’s no silver bullet for halting cyberattacks, but you can partner with an IT services provider that will take your security to the next level.

The bottom line: don’t underestimate how damaging and severe a cyber attack can be. You need comprehensive computer protection, log-in protocols, dark web monitoring, and training to stay safe.

4. Data Backups and Disaster Recovery Plans

Cybercriminals and viruses aren’t the only dangers to small business technologies.

Natural threats can also interfere with a business’s IT infrastructure. For instance, a fire or flood can damage business servers and prevent internal employees from accessing valuable data.

Data backup and disaster recovery plans help businesses recover from natural disasters and manmade threats. A team of IT experts will provide Cloud-based backup storage for a business’s data. Off-site data backups enable data recovery, even if servers are permanently damaged.

5. VoIP Services

Missed phone calls and spotty communication won’t do your small business any favors. To maximize your sales and customer satisfaction, you’ll want a phone service that you can truly rely on.

Philadelphia IT service providers offer New Voice over IP, or VoIP, services to improve a business’s phone system. This service enables business phone systems to handle unlimited phone calls and allows employees to take business calls on their laptops and cell phones.

Qualities That Mark an IT Services Provider as High-Quality

Now that you know what services to look for when hiring an IT company, let’s discuss the qualities that make a services provider great.

 A Dedication to Customer Service

Small businesses should look for a Philadelphia IT company that genuinely values its customers. A great IT partner will take the time to listen to a business’s needs and then deliver services with dedication and care.

Before making any hiring decisions, look over reviews and testimonials from past clients. These should be displayed on their website, or available upon request. The more upfront an outsourced IT provider is with their reviews and testimonials, the more trustworthy they likely are.

If an IT company goes out of its way to hide its reviews and testimonials from potential clients, that’s a red flag. Quality Philadelphia IT services providers will have nothing to hide. It’s important that they display honesty right from the start.

Industry Knowledge

Try to find an IT service provider that has experience working with clients in the same industry as you. The more familiar they are with your needs and problems from the get-go, the better.

An IT company that’s knowledgeable about a business’s industry will be able to offer the appropriate tools to support the business. This makes it easier for small businesses to work towards their business goals from day one.

True Expertise

Pretty much any IT service provider can claim to offer “expert” guidance and tools, but how can you tell if they really know their stuff?

Don’t just take any IT company’s words at face value. Instead, do your own homework to find credentials, past work, certifications, and other pieces of evidence that truly indicate hard-earned expertise. When you pay for a service, no matter what it is, you want to know that it’s backed by real knowledge and confidence.

In Conclusion

Philadelphia IT services can benefit businesses of all sizes. If you want to remove the stress and anxiety of your current IT setup, you might want to consider outsourcing to a team with a multitude of technology offerings - as well as advanced skills and tools.

How can a Philadelphia IT services provider help your small business? Let’s find out together.